What Keeps Water From Leaking in A Walk In Tub?

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What Keeps Water From Leaking in A Walk In Tub? Find out How Walk In Tubs Work.

What Keeps Water From Leaking in A Walk In Tub? Find out How Walk In Tubs Work.

When you see the design of a walk in tub and the way that the door opens in the front wall, you may wonder how in the world water stays in the tub after that door is closed. Those worries that leakage may occur and increase the risk of slips and falls may hinder your decision to buy a walk in tub or you may think it’s unsafe to own one. Quite the contrary, a walk in tub offers independence for the user even if mobility has been compromised or other disabilities make it difficult to swing over the wall of a traditional tub. There are several ways that the water stays put where it’s supposed to and won’t leak out.

Your Safety Improved

A walk in tub is installed in much the same way that a regular tub is installed, with features that seal up spaces so that water can’t leak out. Every aspect of how it’s made is meant for your safety and comfort with a quality product.• Much like any other tub, the inside is created to hold water without leakage. Quality materials go into building your walk in tub so that you don’t have to worry about these issues.
• The door to the tub is fitted with a sealing edge, so that when the door closes there is no way for water to leak out.
• The tub is not filled up until the door is closed. When you look at a walk in tub, it may seem impossible to fill it up without water leaking out, but the seal on the door makes it all work.
• The door is also not opened until the tub is drained. Several models may feature a fast drain so that you don’t have to sit in the tub waiting for the water level to go down. Once the tub is drained, you open the door to exit.
• The areas around the walk in tub are sealed off the same way that a regular tub is sealed. If water comes up to the edge in the back or is sprayed, it won’t leak out of the sides or any spaces around the tub.

All of these features make it simple for water to stay securely in your walk in tub so that your safety is improved and slips and falls can be more easily prevented.

Quality Craftsmanship

In order to ensure that your walk in tub is properly made with these features, be sure to do your research and order from a manufacturer that values quality control. Independent Home takes pride in every walk in tub that is delivered and installed in the homes of customers. Each unit is molded with quality materials and then checked several times over for leakage issues and assurance that the walk in tub that you get is the best possible tub that you can find. Friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives are available to answer any and all of your questions about the ways that water won’t leak out of your walk in tub. You can rest assured that your bathing experience will come with more independence, safety, comfort, and luxury.

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