Life Walk-In Bathtub

  • Soft touch air hydrotherapy control
  • 18” wide door for easy entrance and exit
  • Double door seal

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Dignity, Dual Massage Walk-In Spa Tub

  • Dual massage spa tub technology
  • Commercial grade system built for the residential home
  • Whisper quiet motor which maintains consistent water temperature

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Celebrity Walk-In Bathtub

  • Inward Swing 16"-18"
  • 175-285lbs (Call for Size)
  • Conventional Walk in Bathtub

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Access Walk-In Bathtub

  • Outward Swing 34"
  • 350lbs
  • Easily Accessible for Wheelchairs

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Acrylic Deluxe Walk-In Bathtub

  • Inward Swing 18" *(Curve)
  • 300lbs
  • Hot Tub Spa Amenities

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Supreme Walk-In Bathtub

  • Inward Swing 23.5"
  • 500lbs
  • Full Figure Size (Inward Swing)

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Freedom Shower

  • 285lbs
  • Molded Seat Shower

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Royal Walk-In Bathtub

  • Inward Swing 15"
  • 200lbs
  • Power Lift Model

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Cube Walk-In Bathtub

  • Outward Swing 21"
  • 200lbs
  • Compact Size

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