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Walk In Tubs – Enjoy All the Benefits

walk in tubsAlthough it may seem like walk in tubs are a new product offering to those looking to bathe comfortably at home, walk in bathtubs have been available for close to 20 years. The walk in tubs marketplace and product has evolved in this time, but a few core things have remained constant.

1) Customers looking for walk in tubs come to Independent Home with unique challenges they are trying to solve.

2) Those challenges are almost always rooted around safe bathing and hydrotherapy pain relief.

If you are concerned about these topics, you have come to the right place.

Our Walk In Tubs – Why Homeowners Choose Them

On the safety benefit side of things, homeowners choose to purchase our walk in tubs because of the natural safety components. With a low-threshold entry, you can literally walk right into your bathtub. Gone are the days of worrying about the high edge of your traditional bathtub and the potential of falling upon entry or exit. Read more about senior bathroom safety facts here.

As you enter your new walk in tub, you can sit comfortable and securely on your ADA compliant seat. With safety features designed with an aging in place mentality at its core, our walk in tubs have angled safety grab bars, non-slip surfaces and easy-lock door handles to make bathing easy again.

The other main reason folks choose to purchase walk in tubs is for the hydrotherapy and pain management benefits. By combining heat, buoyancy and massage, our hydrotherapy walk in tubs invigorate and gently massage your body. This eases away aches and pains and can help manage symptoms associated with arthritis, circulation challenges, fibromyalgia, diabetes and other common heath issues.

The warm water stream relaxes tight muscles and stimulates the release of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers.

Beyond pain management benefits and safety benefits, Independent Home walk in tubs offer complete independence and dignity to those looking to maintain a healthy bathing routine, at home, on their own. Here are the top 7 reasons to buy a walk in tub.

We invite you to transform your bathroom into a spa-like oasis. Instead of worrying about the risks, take charge of your bathroom and your life. Melt away stress, refresh your body and mind, and enjoy all the benefits of a relaxing soak.

Ask yourself – what if you could take a bath again without working about the hazards? We think you’d enjoy it, and we know you deserve it.

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Walk in Tubs – Choosing the Best Company

As you shop for the best walk in tubs, we encourage you to do your homework. As you review our 2018 Walk In Bathtub Buyer’s Guide Checklist, you’ll learn about all the questions to ask during your on-site inspection.

When considering any home improvement project, walk in tubs or otherwise, be sure to look at online reviews. We chose to let our customers and the work we perform speak for itself. You can find over 500 walk in tub reviews from happy customers on ConsumerAffairs with folks from all over the country sharing their experiences with Independent Home.

Here is Anne Marie’s story:

As an educated consumer I have been accused of being obsessive about “doing my research”. The fact that this purchase of a walk in tub was for my mom made me be even more diligent. That’s when I came across Independent Home online. From my initial call with Ari I felt at ease with his concern and desire to accommodate us with whatever we would need. He visited her home and I must say that this is where he belongs …in the home.

As a nurse I am sensitive to the fact that those in the “home care” world must have empathy… He listened intently to the details of mom’s latest fall. He picked up right away on my anxiety given the fact that I live out of town and am trying to do whatever I can to make her home as safe as possible. His calm, caring demeanor allowed me to be able to hear all the information he was sharing with me. After a few minutes with his tape measure he laid out a plan for us. I never felt pressured or uncomfortable with the decisions I needed to make regarding the tub model that we chose.

On installation day my “crew”, Riaz, Roberto and Brian, showed up at the door ready and prepared for the day. I was taken back by their care and respect for my mother’s home… not the usual with my experience with contractors/installers. They listened to me, listened to Ari who had spoken with them before they came and did not stop working for the entire time they were here!! The ancillary concerns I had when I initially met with Ari were carried out by the crew to a T. Roberto went over everything with me during the demonstration of the tub operation and I was thrilled with the entire experience. If you don’t choose Independent Home for your tub purchase and installation I wish you luck. 5 stars does not say enough. Thank you so much IH… Please consider this review a verbal hug!!!

On top of hundreds of reviews, Independent Home has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and we’ve been in business for over 15 years. We are confident that after you do your research, you’ll be glad you considered Independent Home – you’ll learn about our offerings and to get prices on how much our walk in tubs cost. Even if you select another company, you can make a buying decision with the confidence that you compared walk in tubs and made an educated purchase. Compare Independent Home to a Jacuzzi walk in tub here.

A few additional benefits you may not know about Independent Home is that with our walk in tub products we offer one of the industry’s strongest product lifetime warranties – you are fully covered on all components of your tub and on the installation. With our factory-direct business model, we do everything under one roof. From designing and building your tub, to sales, installation and service, we give you peace of mind with single source accountability.

Walk In Tubs Installations – How does it work?

You can count on expert installation with Independent Home. All safety installers are trained and certified. Our teams have minimum of 5 ears of walk in tub installation experience and average over 200 installs each. A walk in tub is only as good as the installation team behind it, so we hold our technicians to strict standards. With our skill-set, your walk in tub can be installed in as little as one day. Learn how to install a tub with this guide.

Watch a Walk In Tub Installation

You’ll also get a good idea of what size walk in tub is right for you during your on-site visit. With over 10 different sizes and models, we are able to install a walk in tub into almost any bathroom application. You’ll learn why a customer might choose a specific model over another. Because of our experience, installing bathtubs for small spaces or large spaces is within the normal scope of work for our teams.

Remodeling your entire bathroom is not necessary. Our tubs are designed to fit in your existing bathtub space without expensive remodeling.

 Prices of Walk In Tubs – An Investment In Your Future

We understand the some of the topics discussed while considering a walk in bathtub can be sensitive. Having met with 1000s of customers, we also understand getting the best walk in tub prices are always at top of mind. Walk in tubs are an investment in your safety, health and happiness and the project should be compared against other alternatives. We recommend looking at the costs of assisted living and researching the medical costs associated with falling in your bathroom. After reviewing options, we are confident you’ll find our walk in tubs to be the most affordable solution.

We are proud to offer financing on approved credit, which can make low monthly payments a manageable expense.

We can also help decrease  walk in bathtub prices by offering our $1500 installation coupon which you can get here.

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Walk in TubRemember when working, shopping, and cleaning were all a breeze? As we age, tasks that were once easy are now more difficult. Walking to the grocery store, doing dishes and getting a good night’s sleep can be challenging as the years pass.

It is common for aging adults to face health issues beyond needing to take care of basic needs. Aches, pains, and stress can be tough to handle. Conditions like arthritis and diabetes can make seemingly simple tasks, a great struggle. Changing your habits can be overwhelming – it’s not unusual to lose the energy needed to stay active and healthy.

walk in tubs for seniorsThis is why we make the process of considering Independent Home walk in tubs as easy as possible. Your consultation with your specialist is absolutely free. Our pricing is good for 1 year so you’ll have time to think about your options. Purchasing one of our walk in tubs is an investment so we want you to feel comfortable with the process to transform your bathroom into a safe place.


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