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What are good Walk In Tub prices?

Walk in Tub PricesLike all home remodeling projects,  walk in tub prices depends on a variety of factors. The best way to get the right walk in tub price for your specific situation is to meet with professionals who can accurately measure your bathroom space. You’ll get a chance to learn about available options and get written price quotes so you can compare what is available from different walk in tub companies.

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Walk in bathtubs prices

Here is a checklist of things to review while shopping for a walk in bathtub and this will help you secure the best walk in tub price.

  • Do you need a turnkey solution? Meaning, will your project include demo of existing bathtub/shower stall, installation of a new walk in bathtub, and removal of old debris?
  • What feature set will your walk in tub include? Therapeutic benefits like hydrotherapy will affect walk in tub prices.
  • How long has the company been in business and what is their reputation online? Do they have positive walk in tub reviews?
  • Do they have pictures of completed installations and happy customers?
  • How many walk in bathtubs have the company’s installers completed? Do these technicians only install walk in tubs and walk in showers or are they general contractors without a specialty focused on safe bathing?
  • What is the quality of the product and what is this manufacturing process?
  • What are the terms of the warranty you are being offered?
  • Does the warranty include coverage on the product and the labor?

Walk in tub Prices

As you get quotes for your walk-in bathtub project and secure the best walk in tub prices it is important to look at this renovation as an investment in your health, safety and well-being. Remodeling projects that involve demolition, pluming, electrical work, flooring adjustments, custom products, and finishing work can add up so it’s best to get all the facts when you are issued your written quote.

Walk In Tub Prices – Comparisons

Thankfully, walk in tub projects are typically not as expensive as a traditional bathroom remodels because the goal is to retrofit the bathroom stall compared to gutting the entire bathroom.

In an effort to keep walk in tub prices as affordable as possible, we primarily focus on the wet area. Cabinetry, countertops, vanities and new flooring are the primary reason regular bathroom remodels become expensive.

With all remodeling projects, there are can be unforeseen issues that arise, but with Independent Home’s 1-year price freeze, you’ll never pay more than your written price quote.

This gives you piece of mind by eliminating potential added costs of widening doorways or hallways to get your tub into your bathroom. The price freeze includes all electrical and plumbing work to your existing lines, so you are covered.

Quick Tips – Getting the best Walk In Tub prices

1) As you shop around, make sure you understand the how your new walk in tub will be positioned in your bathroom. Will the edges of your bathtub tie into existing tile or will you need a wall surround to complete the job? In some cases, new wall surrounds can be an added cost.

2) Consider your water heater. Most walk in tubs require a 50 gallon hot water heater. Remember, a walk in tub is normally twice the depth of a regular bathtub and will require more water because you will be in a seated position instead of lying down on your back. If your water heater is older or if you have a specialty tub with a large water capacity, you many need to get a new hot water heater. Your specialist should discuss this during your written walk in tub price quote. It is common for our price quotes to include a new water heater.

3) Make sure your written quote encompasses all of these line items and you will avoid any confusion as your project begins.

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As a reminder, before you meet with us or any other walk in bathtub company, download your certificate of discount and we will be sure to give you the best price for your walk in tub. Then call 800-373-4322 to schedule your free quote.

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