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1 Minute Speed Drain & Hydrotherapy
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walk in bath tubs
The last thing you want is to wait 10 minutes or more for your walk in tub to drain.
Quiet Energy Efficient Tubs
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walk in bathtub
Our quiet, energy efficient walk in bathtubs give you that soothing soak you've been waiting for. No rumbling noise from loud pumps, just rest and relaxation.
1 Day Installation Right In Your Home
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walk in bathtubs
We know you need your tub right away. That's why we have expert walk in bathtub installation technicians in your area who install your tub on the spot.
Manufactured to the
Highest Quality Standards
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walk in tub shower
walk in tubs

The Quality of our Walk in Tubs Speaks Volumes! Listen To What Our Customers Have To Say....

walkin bathtub

customer testimonial

Michelle Gross (N.Y.) standing outside her new walk in bath tub. She could no longer get up and off the ground of her old walk in tub. She is now worry free and has the quality of life she is accustomed to. She had been looking into buying walk in tub for over 3 months and finally allowed us to help her alleviate her concerns.
walkin bathtubs

customer testimonial

John and Rena (OH) with their Celebrity walk in bathtub. As you can see they are thrilled with their new tub. John was experiencing terrible arthritis in his knees and the walk in tub has made his arthritis much more manageable.
Rena was having back pain and the ability to soak was exactly what she had in mind. They have been married for over 40 years and they said that receiving their new walk in tub was the best day of their lives! Shhh do not tell their kids...