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We Want You to Choose Us For Your Walk in Bathtub

We're the caring bathing experts you've been looking for. We're not some fly-by-night operation selling imported walk in bathtubs like others you'll find on the Internet.

We can help you select the best walk in bathtub or shower to fit your needs and then provide you with a fair, affordable price quote.

We’ve been manufacturing and installing the highest quality, most affordable walk in bathtubs made since 2002. We’ve help thousands of customers and we can help you too.

At Independent Home, our mission is simple. We're here to help you experience a safe, enjoyable bathing experience by alleviating the stress and heartache associated with mobility problems.

Make Your New Walk in Bathtub an Independent Home Walk in Bathtub

From our Long Island, New York facility we design the best walk in bathtubs on the market today. Created with both form and function in mind, we go through a rigorous 8 step quality process to bring every walk in bathtub to life.

Here's How Your Walk in Bathtub is Made

Every walk in bathtub is made the same way:

  • First we create the mold based on your need
  • Then we solder together a stainless steel frame
  • With the frame built we lay fiberglass over mold and around frame
  • Next its time to apply fiberglass with gel coat
  • After curing and drying, we pull the walk in bathtub off the mold
  • One free standing, we polish the gel coat to a brilliant shine
  • We then attach the all important tub door with hinge
  • And finally mount grab bar and accessories

From there, we test the walk in bathtub for any leaks or operational issues. With high quality confirmed, we then crate and prepare the walk in bathtub for shipment to you or your local dealer!

You Also Get Therapeutic Benefits That Relieve Stress and Aching Muscles!

You're already well aware that walk in bathtubs provide a safe bathing experience for the elderly, disabled and those with mobility ailments, but there's a lot more our walk in tubs can do for you! We manufacturer walk in bathtubs that give you more than just safety; you can receive a wide range of therapeutic benefits.

Increase Circulation The warm water from our walk in bathtubs will open your skin's capillaries, stimulating an increase in blood flow and oxygen that will remove toxins from your body and also improving the function your digestive system.
Eliminate Stress The gentle massage, warm water and comfortable seated position of our walk in bathtubs will put you into a state of relaxation as your body releases endorphins that lessen the tensions causing you stress.
Relieve Muscle Soreness Target specific areas of your body or experience a full body massage. With our jetted and air massage options, you can relieve sore, achy, muscles with hydrotherapy right at home.
Improve Sleep Cycles As we age sleep often becomes a struggle, but thanks to the increased circulation, reduced stress and sore muscles, you will notice a dramatic improvement in your quality and ease of sleeping.
Soothe Arthritis and Pain The National Arthritis Foundation recommends sitting and soaking for soothing the effects of arthritis and chronic joint pain; exactly what our tubs are designed to allow you to do.

Now That You've Met Our Walk in Bathtubs, Meet Our Caring Bathing Experts

Here's some of the caring bathing experts working to bring you the highest quality walk in bathtubs at the most affordable price.


Yale, President


Ari, Director


Jack, VP Sales


Pasang, Accounting

We Want You to Choose Us For Your Walk in Bathtub

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Why Choose Independent Home For Your Walk in Bathtub?

  • Caring bathing experts (We're here to help you)
  • Highest quality walk in bathtubs (Guaranteed or your money back!)
  • Lifetime no hassle warranty (A rating on BBB to prove it)
  • Fastest installation possible (Just 1 Day! )
  • Made in America (In our Long Island, NY factory)