The Benefits of a Lifetime No-Hassle Warranty on a Walk In Tub

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The Benefits of a Lifetime No-Hassle Warranty on a Walk In Tub

The Benefits of a Lifetime No-Hassle Warranty on a Walk In Tub

So you’ve bought a brand new walk in bathtub. You picked out the very best on offer, and you’ve spent quite a lot. Now this salesperson is asking if you’re interested in a lifetime warranty—but you have to pony up a little extra cash. Naturally, your brows start to furrow a little bit. They want more money? It’s okay. That’s a natural reaction. After all, we all want to save a little more on all our purchases. It’s a very human thing.

But what if you found out that that little spending can help you save an exponential sum of money in the long run? What if that little you put out means you ultimately end up saving more? What most consumers don’t realize that a lifetime warranty is a risk—not for you—but for the manufacturers of your bathtub—for their lifetime!

Is it for you?

There is only one reason that you shouldn’t benefit from a lifetime warranty on your bathtub. That is if you plan on ever leaving or selling your home in the future and don’t plan to take your considerable investment in bathroom relaxation with you. But then again, to whom would this apply? If you’ve spent money on your bathtub, like your expensive walk-in tub for example, chances are that you will use it for a long time because you will be staying in the same home where you installed it for years.

But what does it do?

A lifetime warranty is usually a promise to replace everything that needs replacing when it needs replacing—up to and including the entire bathtub itself. Notice that the word “usually” was used. That’s because you have to make sure to read the fine print carefully. All the reputable brands have different terms and conditions about this generous offer because they know they’ve built their products to last the long haul.

Does this mean they break down easily?

Of course not! Realize, though, that even if they do break down easily, you’re still the winner, because you get everything replaced—and brand new—with no cost to yourself. The hassle is in the wait, but there’s not a cent to be spent. And that’s why those who confidently offer lifetime warranties often build their products to last! They don’t want to have to spend to fulfill that expensive promise.

Sign on the dotted line

The last thing that needs mentioning is that you really have to read what you’re signing down to the very last details. Make sure that the terms are right and what you want exactly. Ask questions regarding coverage, inclusions, and exclusions. Make sure that the terms are clear and the promises are grounded in fact. Ask other buyers or users. Again, this adds to the workload, but it’s few minutes of extra care and a couple of bucks against a lifetime of peace of mind.

You can then more comfortably kick back and relax in the bubbly, soapy comfort of your tub, knowing that if anything goes wrong, it will all ultimately be all right in the end.

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