Why Compact Walk In Tubs Are A Great Investment

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Why Compact Walk In Tubs Are A Great Investment

It’s time to consider upgrading your home to accommodate your mobility as you age.  After all, you want to stay in your home.  If you are not sure if a standard walk in tub is the best choice for you, consider a compact walk in tub. Compact walk in tubs offer all the benefits of a larger tub, but offer flexibility with their size.  How could you benefit from a compact walk in tub?

Fits in Any Bathroom – The Cube Walk In Bathtub by Independent Home is compact and cube shaped.  That means it can fit in a space as small as a shower stall.  Whether you have a large bathroom or a small bathroom, this tub offers you versatility.  Replace your shower stall with a Cube tub in a small and compact bathroom.  In a large bathroom you may be able to add a cube tub to the existing space while retaining the original tub for others!

Room for a Shower or Regular Tub – To reiterate the point, the compact Cube walk in tub is small enough that you may be able to install one in the space while retaining a separate standard tub or shower.  This way you make all members of the family safe and happy.

Uses Less Water – A compact walk in tub will use less water than a standard walk in tub.  This means you can retain a smaller water heater and tank, as well as save on your water bill.  This is a win win situation for all individuals who want the luxury of a walk in tub while sticking to a tight budget.  This tub still offers hydrotherapy jets and other luxurious features, it is all just compacted into a smaller space!

If you are searching for compact walk in tubs, look no further than Independent Home.  We offer the Cube walk in Bathtub as well as other standard and larger models.  Our tubs are built with quality to last.  Contact Independent Home today for more information!

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