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Are Walk-in Tubs Only for Seniors? We Say No!

Walk-in tubs are designed to provide full body relaxation, promote healing, and speed recovery, particularly in older adults. They also have numerous safety features like ultra-low step-ins, grab bars, non-slip floors, and extra-wide seats. Even though they were designed with older adults in mind, walk-in baths are not only for seniors. Everyone from veterans to caregivers, people with cognitive disabilities, pregnant women, and people with accessibility issues can also greatly benefit from them. How? See what makes a walk-in tub ideal for many different types of people.

1. People with Physical Disabilities and Accessibility Issues

Physical disabilities and accessibility issues can affect anyone, at any age. Some physical disabilities and accessibility issues can make it hard to lift your leg, making it almost impossible to access conventional bathtubs without a great risk to safety. 

Conventional bathtubs have a high-entry threshold and are known to cause falls because it’s easier to slip on the wet floor or hit the high entry threshold. Walk-in bathtubs, on the other hand, have a low step entry threshold that is barely off the ground, making it easier to get in and out of them. 

2. People with Mental and/or Cognitive Disabilities

According to the National Institutes of Health, cognitive disabilities may be from birth or surface later due to environmental factors such as mental illness, neurological disorders, or brain injuries. Cognitive disabilities not only affect memory, attention, thinking, and communication but also correlate with balance and movement. 

A person with cognitive issues and/or mental disability can massively benefit from a walk-in tub because of the safety features they are equipped with. Walk-in tubs are extremely safe to use since their chances of slipping are significantly minimized. They also make it easy for caregivers to help a person bathe more independently. One of the best safety features is the non-slip tub floor that ensures proper balance for someone with mental and/or cognitive disabilities. 

3. People Recovering from an Injury

It is relatively easy to heal at home when recovering from an injury when have a walk-in tub. Your body may have a more limited range of mobility during recovery from an injury or surgery. A leg injury or knee replacement surgery can particularly make it hard to get into a traditional tub, and that is where a walk-in tub comes into play. 

In addition to ultra-low step-in, a walk-in tub has an indented handrail along the rim and a grab bar inside the bath that combine to make movements while bathing safer. Furthermore, walk-in tubs are designed to provide effective hydrotherapy, which is the use of water to promote healing and manage pain. 

4. Veterans

The service-related mobility challenges or disabilities that some veterans face may make bathing without assistance nearly impossible. Veterans can, therefore, opt for a walk-in tub to help support their daily life and grant them much-needed independence when it comes to taking a bath. 

The extra-wide seat a walk-in tub has makes bathing comfortable and less of a hassle. Additionally, entering and exiting a walk-in tub is secure because of grab bars and ultra-low step-in. Veterans can also take advantage of air bubbles and jets to alleviate muscle tension, reduce pain and inflammation, and improve circulation. 

5. Caregivers Can Also Benefit from Walk-in Tubs

Caregivers who look after someone looking for assistance during bath time can also benefit from a walk-in bathtub. Caregivers using conventional tubs know how hard it can be to keep a person safe from the time they enter the tub to the time they exit. 

A walk-in bathtub is designed to solve all these issues and give caregivers peace of mind. With them, caregivers can trust their loved one to bathe without exposing themselves to a high risk of injury. Some walk-in bathtubs feature a multifunction handheld shower that caregivers can use to rinse hard-to-reach areas. 

Everything is Included with an Independent Home Walk in Tub

All the safety and comfort features we’ve mentioned (and many others) are present in every walk-in tub from Independent Home. Our products are safer and more comfortable than standard bathtubs and showers, and they aren’t just for older adults. 

If you think you or a loved one can benefit from having a walk-in tub installed, give us a call at 888-239-1058 today. 



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