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Quick Tips for Finding the Right Walk-In Tub

As older adults and their caretakers explore options to make bathing safer and more comfortable, choosing the right walk-in tub becomes a solution with one big question: how do I choose the right tub for my needs? There’s a lot to consider, but we strive to make those decisions simple and stress-free for our customers. Here are some key factors to consider that will help you select the best tub for your needs: 

Choosing the Right Tub Size

The size of your walk-in tub is not always based on your “wants.” Instead, it’s usually based on the limitations of your bathroom. We can help you get the right fit. Here’s what you should consider. 

  • Measure Your Space: before purchasing a walk-in tub, measure your bathroom to determine the available space. Consider the door width and any potential obstacles that might hinder installation. 
  • Consider the Person’s Needs: Select a tub size that accommodates the user’s height and weight comfortably. Ensure there is enough room for easy entry and exit without compromising the space in your bathroom. 
  • Standard vs. Custom Sizes: while standard sizes may fit most bathrooms, some situations might require custom sizes. Custom-sized tubs can provide a perfect fit, especially in uniquely shaped bathrooms or older homes with non-standard dimensions. 

Walk-in Tub Safety Features

Safety is the number one reason why people choose to invest in a walk-in tub. But what safety features are available on walk-in tubs? There are many that can help create a safer bathing experience for you: 

  • Low Step-In Threshold: a low step-in threshold reduces the risk of tripping and makes it easier for users to enter and exit the tub safely. Look for tubs with thresholds as low as 3 inches. 
  • Slip-Resistant Flooring: ensure the tub has a slip-resistant floor to prevent falls. This feature provides added security during both entry and exit and while standing in the tub. 
  • Grab Bars and Handrails: integrated grab bars and handrails offer additional support and stability, helping older adults maintain their balance. These features are especially important for those with limited mobility. 
  • Built-In Seating: a built-in ADA compliant seat allows users to bathe comfortably without needing to lower themselves to the floor of the tub. It also aids in safe transfers from a wheelchair or walker. 

Walk-in Tub Therapeutic Features

Don’t settle for a simply safe bathing experience? You deserve to have so much more. Walk-in tub have many therapeutic features that make bathing relaxing and rejuvenating: 

  • Hydrotherapy Jets: walk-in tubs with hydrotherapy jets provide a soothing massage experience, helping to alleviate pain and improve circulation. These are particularly beneficial for individuals with arthritis or muscle pain. 
  • Air Massage Systems: air massage systems use air jets to create a gentle, bubbly massage, which can help reduce stress and promote relaxation. 
  • Warm Surfaces: some walk-in tubs come with heated surfaces, such as backrests and seats, to keep users warm and comfortable during their bath. 
  • Chromotherapy and Aromatherapy: chromotherapy uses colored lights to create a calming atmosphere, while aromatherapy allows users to enjoy the benefits of essential oils. Both features enhance the overall therapeutic experience. 

Walk-in Tub Comfort Features

Enjoy the comfort of bathing in your new tub. You’ll be pleased to know that walk-in tubs have many comfort features that include: 

  • Ergonomic Design: look for tubs designed with user comfort in mind. Ergonomic seating, easy-to-reach controls, and comfortable armrests can make a significant difference. 
  • Quick Drain Technology: quick drain systems reduce the time it takes for the tub to empty, allowing users to exit the tub sooner and minimizing the risk of getting cold. 
  • Adjustable Showerheads: an adjustable showerhead provides flexibility for users who prefer to shower while seated. It also makes rinsing easier and more efficient. 
  • Quiet Operation: some walk-in tubs feature quiet operation technology, ensuring that the tub’s mechanisms do not disturb the user or others in the home. 

Walk-in Tub Financing and Financial Aid Options

Walk-in bathtubs are a worthwhile investment, and they have an upfront cost that can be offset with many types of aid. 

  • Insurance and Medicare: check if your insurance or Medicare plan covers part of the cost of a walk-in tub. While Medicare typically does not cover these tubs, certain Medicare Advantage plans or private insurance may offer some benefits. 
  • Veterans’ Benefits: veterans may be eligible for financial assistance through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Programs such as the VA’s Aid and Attendance benefit can help cover the cost of walk-in tubs. 
  • Home Modification Grants: various non-profit organizations and local government programs offer grants for home modifications for seniors. These grants can help offset the cost of installing a walk-in tub. 
  • Financing Plans: we offer walk-in tub financing plans that allow you to spread the cost of the tub over several months or years.  
  • Tax Deductions: in some cases, the cost of a walk-in tub may be tax-deductible as a medical expense. Consult with a tax advisor to understand if you qualify for this deduction. 


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