Benefits of Having Walk In Tub Manufacturers Install Your Tub

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The Benefits of Having Walk In Tub Manufacturers Install Your Walk in Tub

The Benefits of Having Walk In Tub Manufacturers Install Your Walk in Tub

Adding a walk in tub to your bathroom can greatly increase the quality of life for those in your home who are disabled, as well as everyone else. The addition gives all users (including children) more independence in a safe and simple manner that gives all involved peace of mind about using the bath tub. Once you find the walk in tub that you love, the question of installation comes to mind. Will you have to replace your current tub? Will your new walk in tub fit in your bathroom easily? How can you be sure that all fixtures will work properly once installed? These are questions that you don’t have to worry about when you choose a manufacturer that includes installation!

Installation Concerns

Your main concern will likely be that your walk in tub is installed in such a way that it is entirely safe for anyone in the home to use. Users can include disabled persons, the elderly, children, and everyone else in your home. In order to ensure their safety, you’ll want to address these concerns before allowing someone to install a walk in tub in your home.

• Can the installer ensure a proper fit? If the walk in tub is smaller or larger than the tub that it is responsible, you’ll need to extend the space or extend the tub in order to make cleaning easier and ensure no extra spaces that can injure someone using the tub.
• Will the tub be sealed by the installer? You’ll want to know that the door and tub will be sealed securely so that water won’t leak out onto the floor and cause areas where anyone using it will slip and fall.
• Can proper handrails be installed by the same people installing the tub? You may want to include easy grab hand rails for anyone with limited mobility that is using the walk in tub and they must be installed securely so that they don’t come off the wall or tub when grabbed and weight is born down on them.
If you chose a manufacturer that does not include installation, these (possibly among others) are concerns that you’ll want to address with whoever does install your walk in tub.

Talk to Your Manufacturer

Ask your manufacturer about installation and what that will include if they offer it. The benefits of having them install your walk in tub are mainly in the fact that they know exactly how the tub is made and how the parts work. The manufacturer, then, can offer the knowledge that will get past any installation obstacles and still ensure the safety of your walk in tub. If you love your manufacturers but they do not offer installation, talk to them about the best way to have your walk in tub installed by someone else. They may be able to find you someone that will safely install your tub. Independent Home offers installation on all walk in tubs and no lip showers that are offered. You can rest assured that you can have a manufacturer that you love as well as the correct safety regulations, warranty on your equipment and knowledgeable customer service that will happily walk you through every process and question that you have about your new walk in tub or no lip shower.

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