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The question on everybody’s mind when they start researching walk in tubs is always “how much will this cost me?”.  Well, walk in tub prices run from “too good to be true” to “who on earth can afford that?” and everything in between.  Before you look at the price of walk in tubs, it is more important to focus on what you need from a walk in tub to ensure that you find the right fit for you.  From there, you can make an educated decision on finding your perfect tub at the right price for you.  Consider the following:

Tub Structure – Leakage is one of the top concerns of walk in tub buyers.  Walk in tubs can leak for a variety of reasons, and many of them have to do with the tubs construction and installation from the start.  Make sure you buy a tub with a quality frame underneath to ensure that the tub will always remain rigid and will not warp or crack easily.  Many cheap tubs lack this framework, and therefore they are prone to leakage issues.  Also make sure your tub is installed level in your bathroom.  A professional installer should always check for this, but if you have your tub installed improperly, this could lead to issues from a tub that isn’t level.

Your Basic Needs – Next it is important to consider your needs based on your own situation.  Do you need a standard walk in tub, or a wheelchair accessible tub?  Maybe you need a larger tub?  There are many options available, and you can narrow down your search field by understanding what size and shape walk in tub is ideal for your needs.

Your Preferences – Now you can consider your personal preferences.  Would you prefer a quick draining tub so you don’t have to sit and wait for it?  Maybe the thought of massaging air and water jets is just what the doctor ordered.  Consider what you want out of a tub when it comes to accessories and features.  Most walk in tubs are customizable, which means you have options to choose from!

Aging With Your Tub – Next it is important to consider your future.  Will this tub still help you with all of your needs as you get older in your home?  It can never hurt to plan ahead.  If you think you have found a tub that will keep you safe, comfortable, and clean for years to come you have found a winner.

Now that you have narrowed down your list of needs and wants, you can begin really looking into your options.  Don’t forget to call Independent Home.  With our friendly customer service, customizable tubs, and variety of styles, we probably have the perfect tub for you.  We offer competitive prices and build our tubs with quality parts to last.  Best of all we offer installation and back our products with a lifetime warranty.  Call Independent Home today!

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