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Walk-In Tubs for Seniors: What You Need to Know

Walk-In Tubs for Seniors: What You Need to Know

Senior citizens have worked hard their whole lives and in their golden years, they want to be able to enjoy the free time they’ve earned. When they need help getting into and out of the tub every night, enjoying free time becomes very difficult. Walk-in tubs for seniors offer the independence they need to live with more dignity and less fear of injury. Learn about how they work and the different features to choose from so the best choice can be made for the specific needs of the individual.

Why Choose Walk-In Tubs for Seniors?

Aside from the independence gained from choosing this kind of tub, there are also safety and therapeutic features gained when making the switch from a standard tub. Seniors benefit because they often have extra needs to be met, especially if mobility has been compromised.

  • Added safety features like specialty tubs for wheelchair access and customizable grab bars make independent bathing an easier experience for seniors and gives them peace of mind about getting into and out of the tub alone.
  • Therapeutic options can be included for a hydrotherapy massage that makes every bath a time to look forward to. Seniors with chronic conditions or aches and pains can be soothed in their own homes.
  • Compact or super-sized models add comfort to the bathing experience and there are several options available so making the switch is never an inconvenience when it comes to remodeling.

How Does It Work?

Upon first viewing of walk-in tubs for seniors, the potential buyer may see the door on the side and wonder “how does the water stay in?” Knowing how it works makes the decision to switch a much simpler one!

  • The doors on the tubs seal when they shut so there is no risk of leakage.
  • The user walks into the tub, shuts and seals the door, and then fills it. The faucets and other controls are close to the seat and there is no need to lean over or bend dangerously to operate anything.
  • When bathing is done and the user wishes to exit the tub, it is first drained and then they get out. There are models with speed drain so they don’t have to wait minutes for the tub to drain before exiting.

Are There Benefits for Others?

Walk-in tubs for seniors are not just for seniors. When someone comes to visit or bathing children is necessary, these tubs are also convenient and comfortable for everyone else who uses them. Parents won’t have to lift children over the wall of the tub since they can simply walk into it and cleaning is a lot easier when a person can open the door and access the bottom and corners of the tub without having to lean over the side. Learn about all the different models and options by talking to a customer service representative at Independent Home or calling for a free quote. Find out why a walk-in tub is the best option for any senior citizen attempting to live independently today!

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