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How to Install a Walk-in Bathtub

A walk-in bathtub can assure us of an unequalled level of safety and protection during bathing. This special tub features a sealed door entrance, grab handles and bars, as well as non-slip surfaces to lessen the chances of accidents and falls during bathing. Now that you have decided on getting one, what is next? How do you prepare your bathroom for installation, and how do you go about in the installation process. Here are some useful steps when installing a walk-in tub in your bathroom:

Step 1: Get to Know What Walk-in Tubs Look Like

Visit your local walk in bath tub dealer or check online for samples of walk-in bathtubs. Make sure you have an idea of their common sizes, material, and what they generally look like.

Step 2: Analyze Whether there is Enough Room in your Bathroom

If you are building a new house, then this should not be a problem. But if you are remodelling, then it can be quite a challenge. You will need to make sure there is enough room in where your old tub used to sit. Should there be some lack of space, you might need to talk with your contractor first before you continue. There must also be open access to plumbing behind your tub, so you will have to make arrangements in order to gain access. You must also plan beforehand whether the tub door faces to the left or faces to the right.

Step 3: The Pre-installation Phase

Once you have bought yourself the walk-in closet of your preference, it is time to do some pre-installation work. Ideally, go for a waterproof under-layment on the floor and make sure the walls that surround the tub are protected from possible growth of moulds and mildew. You will also need to check whether there is a proximate power source in the area for the hydrotherapy system to be plugged in. Furthermore, make sure that all aspects of the plumbing system near the tub to be installed are in place and running as smoothly as possible. If the old plumbing fixtures do not match the new tub to be installed, make sure to do the necessary adjustments.

Step 4: The Installation Step

Now when everything is in order, simply slide the new walk-in tub into place. Once done, carefully check whether the drain holes and the plumbing pipes line up properly. Make adjustments as necessary then proceed with the installation of the fixtures. Let the water run to ensure there are no leaks and to ensure that the water pressure is adequate. Proceed by checking the whirlpool motor and see if it runs as expected.

Step 5: Finish up

Complete the installation by adding those aesthetic touches. Decorate the surrounding walls, hang a curtain, or add some professional finish.

It would be ideal for your supplier to help install your walkin tub for you. However, installing one yourself should be quite easy – that is, if you have someone to help you with all the weight.

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