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Your Guide to Buying the Right Walk-in Bathtub

Nothing beats a good, relaxing soak in the bathtub at the end of a long day’s work. And no other bathtub can do it better than walk-in bathtubs. These tubs are the ultimate tubs – and they offer the best form of comfort and protection available. Walk-in tubs are most ideal when there are kids, elderly and a handicapped member in the household. But with all the walk-in bath tub models available today, how can you go about choosing the best? Here are some tips to help you find the best walk-in bathtub for your bathroom.

Consider Your Needs

A walk-in bathtub differs from a traditional one because it is equipped with a door and a seat. These two assure safety, especially for those who have mobility problems. Some walk-in tubs do not have seats and are cheaper, but will not offer the comfort and safety as those with a seat.

Consider Your Bathroom Size

Walk-in tubs are usually slightly bigger than conventional bathtubs, but there are space saving models which are usually more advantageous (less water needed to fill). Normally, walk-in tubs range from 26 to up to 33 inches in width, 37 to up to 60 inches in length, and 38 to 40 inches deep. Make sure to consider the size of your existing bathroom (or your bathroom design) before choosing a particular model. Of course, you also must consider the size of the tub relative to the user. You want to be comfortable while inside the tub, so make sure to choose the tub size according to yours.

Choose The Correct Door Configuration

Walk-in tubs can have inward or outward swinging doors, with most located along the sides of the tub. Bathtubs with inward doors are usually best if you do not have that much room in the bathroom, and are often preferred because they are less likely to leak. The downside is that, should there be an emergency, you will need to drain the water first for the door to be opened. Tubs with outward swinging doors, on the other hand, need more space in the bathroom and have bigger chances of leakage, but allow convenient exit should there be emergencies. An outward swing door may be more convenient for wheelchair transfers. Make sure to consider these when making a choice.

Choose the Right Whirlpool Jet System

Mostwalk-in bathtubs are equipped with water jet systems. They may come as air or water jets, each of which has unique characteristics. Water jets provide more powerful spray, but air jets are usually preferred because of its added bubbling, soothing action. The latter also allow self-cleaning systems to prevent build-up of mould and bacteria.

Know the Material and Features

Most walk-in bathtubs are made of acrylic and gel-coat fiberglass. Fiberglass-made tubs are sturdy and strong, but are usually more expensive. Most tubs come in white and cream. Most of them also come with chrome fixtures (to include shower heads and faucets). It is best to make sure that safety grab bars and proper anti-slip features are also incorporated for maximum safety.

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