Issues With Walk-in Bathtubs You Have to be Aware Of Today

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Issues With Walk-in Bathtubs You Have to be Aware Of Today

Issues With Walk-in Bathtubs You Have to be Aware Of Today

Finally decided that a walk-in bathtub is just what you need in your bathroom? Wise decision, indeed! Walk-in bathtubs are simply the best kind of tubs available today. They can transform any regular bathroom into a luxurious and handicap-friendly bathroom.

However, with all the available brands and models in the market today, do note that not all of the tubs of this type have been created equal. There are many models that may have issues and design flaws you have to be aware about, and avoid accordingly. Here are some of the most important considerations to keep in mind before buying a walk-in tub for your home:

1. The Bath-Tub Size

In the case of tubs, bigger does not always mean better. You should not decide by buying the biggest model you ever see. Remember that you have certain space considerations to think about. First, you will need to make sure it fits well not only in your bathroom but also through the door that leads to it. Another thing to consider is that the bigger the tub, the more water you need to use – which leads to certain economic considerations. Furthermore, the more water you need to fill, the more waiting time it requires. Remember that with walk-in models, you will have to wait while inside for the water to fill and to drain before you can step out. In terms of size, go for a compact size yet still big enough to meet the needs of its users.

2. The Step-in Height

Most of the walk in tubs available in the market today has step-in heights that reach up to 7 inches, which is a level still quite high for industry standard. Note that this tub has been specifically designed to have doors so that people with limited mobility can step in and out of the tub with convenience and with as little strength possible. A step-in height that is as high as 7 inches is still quite high, which means that they still have to muster a bit of strength to be able to step in and out. Make sure to buy a walkin tub that has the lowest possible step-in height – say 3 inches or less is ideal.

3. The Tile Flange

What is the tile flange you ask? A tile flange is simply the lip that is designed to extend at the top of the tub by about an inch or two. This allows the drywall to be protected from deteriorating and getting wet. In most cases, a tile flange is necessary but not all walk-in tub models have one in place.

Walk-in bathtubs spell luxury for all of us, and comfort and safety for the elderly and the infirmed members of the family. It is the perfect choice if you want to retain the dignity and independence of the people you love. But whenever you are making a choice, carefully consider three of these design issues and choose accordingly.

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