Top 5 Bathroom Safety products for People in Wheelchairs

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Top 5 Bathroom Safety products for People in Wheelchairs

Top 5 Bathroom Safety products for People in Wheelchairs

Slips, falls, and accidents can happen in any bathroom. It is much so even if the household members are mobile, agile and healthy. Imagine how the case can be for people in wheelchairs and those with disabilities. We always strive to have a bathroom that is accident-free, but we should exercise more vigilance if we have a disabled person as part of the household. It is important that we design our bathrooms and equip them to minimize any chance of accidents and prioritize comfort of our loved one in wheelchair. Here are five bathroom safety products that are must-haves in disabled-friendly bathrooms:

1. Safety Rails and Grab Bars

These are the rails and bars we usually see in handicapped toilet stalls. Grab bars allow those in wheelchairs to pull themselves up onto the toilet seat, and back again without staining their bodies too much. They also provide those with mobility problems the added stability they need while in the bathroom. Grab bars come in straight or wrap-around models, there are also those that are coated for a more comfortable feel.

2. Shower and Bath Seats

Seats and tools placed in the bath and shower will make it easy especially for the handicapped to comfortably bath or shower. The seats have been designed to fit into most showers and tubs, and are stable and sturdy enough to support and accommodate even the heaviest individuals. There are expensive bath seats that have added features, including arm rests, foot rests, and special surfaces.

3. Walk-In Bath Tub

Walk in bath tubs are important investments for those households who have members with mobility problems. These special tubs allow them to enter and step out of the bathtub without difficulties. These tubs are usually equipped with non-slip surfaces, very secure doors, and some even have benches to comfortably sit on. There are a wide range of styles and designs to choose from depending on one’s needs and preferences.

4. Raised Type Toilet Seats

The regular toilet seats we have in our bathrooms are not very wheelchair-friendly. It is usually very difficult, if not impossible, for people in wheelchairs to lower themselves into. However, there are such things as raised seats or commode chairs that can allow them to sit down and stand again conveniently, without staining their legs and back. There are raised toilet seats that offer extra comfort, such as arm rests and padding.

5. Safety Bath Mats

Slips and slip-related accidents are very common in the bathroom. The risk is multiplied for those who are on wheelchairs. Bathrooms for people in wheelchairs must always be equipped with a good, anti-slip bath mat for extra protection. Of course, make sure that the bath mats don’t impede the proper draining of water. It must also be resistant to mildew and moulds.

These are just five of the most important safety products that should be made available in bathrooms for people in wheelchairs and those with mobility problems. These five products are great investment because they can keep our loved ones safe, comfortable and well-protected, even without your constant watch.

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