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Walk In Tubs With Chromotherapy: The Effects of Chromotherapy on the Mind

Walk-in tubs often come with all kinds of spa features that the customer can choose from. These are not only relaxing and therapeutic, but also healing in several ways. Individuals looking to enjoy these spa features may have heard of hydrotherapy or aromatherapy before, but one other spa feature that appears to be widely overlooked is chromotherapy. This is the use of colors to balance different energies inside the body in order to alleviate pain or assist in the treatment of ailments. Learn more about how this feature can be added to a walk-in tub and utilized along with other types of therapy to make the bathing experience healing as well as rejuvenating.

Is Chromotherapy Proven to Help Medical Issues?

If one does their own research about this topic, a lot will come up about chakras, energy, and other things that some doctors consider “pseudoscience.” While homeopathic healers will swear by the techniques administered using this type of therapy, others will tell patients that it’s all in their heads. The truth is that there has never been enough testing to really prove things one way or another absolutely. There are many patients that have benefited from the use of colors to balance the energy in their bodies and make them feel better. If a patient considering this therapy is at all unsure, simply ask a doctor make an informed opinion about it.

How Does Chromotherapy Work?

The way that this works really depends on how the individual using the therapy views it. Looking at the colors is usually not enough, and a person also has to concentrate on the body part or condition that corresponds to the color (or colors) being used.

  • Basically, the color is a focal point that the individual uses to calm the mind and concentrate on the task at hand.
  • In the case of walk in tubs, colored lights can be installed to turn the water the desired color and let the user effectively bathe in that color. This makes it a lot easier for a person to concentrate on how the color and the therapy works for them.
  • Bathing in the color of choice can be more effective than simply looking at it in order to focus. The individual can close their eyes and relax, knowing that the therapy is working all around them.
  • Used in conjunction with other therapies and spa features to enhance their effectiveness and soothe the mind as they work.

Learn More Today

Chromotherapy might be exactly the feature sought by individuals looking to make their walk-in tubs more comfortable and effective in soothing their aches at the end of each day. The professionals at Independent Home will work with you to find out which spa features are perfect for your walk in tub and you can even have one-day installation and no hassles when making the switch. Learn more about how to get spa features installed in the walk in tub that you purchase and how it can help your condition at Independent Home today.

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