A Walk-In Shower Can Be Convenient for the Whole Family

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Why Considering a Walk-In Shower Can Be Convenient for the Whole Family

Why Considering a Walk-In Shower Can Be Convenient for the Whole Family

Stepping into the shower, closing the door, and enjoying a few minutes of alone time under the hot water can be the best part of a person’s day, unless doing so involves risking serious injury. Some individuals have difficulty standing for even short periods of time, have had their mobility compromised, or are otherwise handicapped and unable to step into a standard shower to stand for the few minutes it takes to bathe. A walk-in shower can make this process a lot easier and not just for them. Anyone who uses this type of shower can enjoy the convenience of having a seat and not having to step over a lip, and children can learn to bathe independently in a safe environment.

What Makes a Walk-In Shower Special?

The main difference is that there is no lip on a walk-in option. This makes it easier for children, tired individuals, or people with mobility issues to get in and out of the shower. The smooth entry makes the shower safer and more comfortable so that everyone in the family can enjoy the peace of mind of not tripping over that small lip that separates the shower from the bathroom floor.

Is This a New Concept?

European hotels and bathrooms have been using “wet rooms” for centuries. In these areas of the bathroom, a door or curtain separates the shower from the rest of the bathroom and a drain in the floor keeps the water from overflowing while the area is in use. Many people find this type of shower easier to clean as well as safe and comfortable. There are less corners or nooks and crannies where dirt can hide and one does not have to crawl (sometimes painfully) over the lip of the shower.

Independent Bathing

A walk in shower gives every user the experience of independence no matter their mobility status. A seat is installed to give the individual the option to get off their feet while bathing and several models come equipped with grab bars and other safety features so that handicapped, senior, or wheelchair bound individuals can shower without assistance. Children can use the seat to learn how to bathe independently and make the transition from sitting in the bathtub to standing in the shower a lot easier. Many grooming tasks are also made simpler with the features of grab bars and a seat to provide stability.

Make the Switch Without Hassle

The idea of having a new shower installed could make anyone cringe, especially when you wonder what kind of damage might be done to your home, or if a walk-in shower is even a good fit for your bathroom. The professionals at Independent Home are committed to ensuring that your home is respected and that installation is fast and stress free. Find out how you can make the switch so that the entire family can start enjoying these conveniences today!

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