How is a Handicap Walk-In Tub Different From a Standard Tub?

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What Makes a Handicap Walk-In Tub Different From a Standard Tub?

What Makes a Handicap Walk-In Tub Different From a Standard Tub?

Handicapped individuals do not always have the option to bathe without assistance when it comes to using a standard tub. The wall of the tub puts mobility-challenged or wheelchair-bound individuals at risk of serious injury. A handicap walk-in tub provides the option for independent bathing, comfort, and peace of mind by employing a few changes to the design of the tub that eliminate safety concerns.

How a Handicap Walk-In Tub Works

The main difference between a walk-in tub and a standard tub is that a walk-in tub has a door. This means that the person using it has the convenience of opening the door to enter the tub instead of stepping over a wall. Of course, this raises a few questions about how the walk in tub works.

  • Why doesn’t the water leak out of the tub if there is a door? The door has a water tight seal all the way around it so that when it is closed, no water can get out. The user gets in the tub first, shuts the door, and then fills the tub with the water-tight seal intact.
  • So the water has to drain before the door is opened? Yes, the water is drained before the user can open the door and exit the tub. Many models are equipped with fast-drain technology so that no one has to wait around for the tub to drain. Instead, the water is gone in less than a minute and the user can quickly exit.
  • What other safety features make a handicap walk-in tub special? Grab bars can be installed exactly where the user needs them, and many designs also incorporate a seat so that sitting all the way down on the floor is not necessary. Some models offer a design that makes sliding into the seat from a wheelchair a cinch. Also, there are several spa features that can be added so that physical therapy doesn’t have to end when gym time is over.
  • Can people who aren’t handicapped use this type of tub comfortably? Yes, and several people prefer to do so. The different spa features as well as the seat and convenience of not having to step over a wall like a standard tub make this option comfortable for the whole family.

Find Out More Now!

The idea of a handicap walk-in tub to replace a standard tub may now be more than just a consideration. The next step is to choose a tub to have installed. The professionals at Independent Home will connect you with a friendly and knowledgeable customer service representative that can assist you in finding the perfect walk in tub for your home with all of the features that you hope to have for comfort, safety, and peace of mind. Learn about the different makes and models at the Independent Home website today!

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