Bathtubs for Elderly People: Why Choose a Walk-In Tub?

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Bathtubs for Elderly People: Why Choose a Walk-In Tub?

Bathtubs for Elderly People: Why Choose a Walk-In Tub?

Many elderly people require assisted living and the extra help is much appreciated, but no one wants to need help getting into and out of the tub safely. The process can be awkward and undignified and finding a way to do this independently is a great relief. A walk-in tub can help elderly people gain back some of their independence in this area. They’ll be able to bathe safely and alone to enjoy those few peaceful minutes at the end of the day in a nice relaxing bath.


Added Safety and Comfort

For the elderly, a slip and fall can be lethal and the bathroom is full of hard surfaces and other areas that can be especially dangerous. Bathtubs for elderly people provide added safety and comfort to give the elderly peace of mind when bathing as well as their loved ones and those assisting in their daily care.

  • The leak proof door in the wall of the tub makes it easy for the elderly to enter and exit safely. There is less risk of water causing a slippery floor and the faucet and other controls are located close to the seat in the tub so they’re easy for the user to reach without falling or bending dangerously.
  • A molded seat eliminates the need to sit all the way on the floor of the tub. An elderly person does not have to bend their knees too low or struggle to get up after bathing because the seat is situated at a height that makes this more comfortable than sitting on the floor of the tub.
  • Therapeutic features like hydrotherapy massage give the walk in tub a spa feeling that elderly people can greatly benefit from. Chronic conditions and other medical ailments can be improved by different types of hydrotherapy.
  • For those with limited mobility, there are tub models that allow easy access to the seat from a wheel chair or that lift the individual for easier independent bathing that is safe and comfortable.


Benefits for Everyone

While walk-in bathtubs for elderly people give added comfort and safety, there are also benefits for anyone who uses the tub.

  • Children can bathe more safely by entering and exiting the tub through the door and parents can bathe them easier by way of the elevated seat instead of leaning over the wall of the tub to reach the floor.
  • Guests have the luxury experience of any therapeutic features added whenever they come to visit. They’ll have a spa experience every time they stay over!
  • Whether elderly or not, handicapped individuals have the same benefits as anyone else when it comes to a walk-in tub. The same safety and comfort features that apply to those with limited mobility may apply to those with a handicap and there are several features of different models that can accommodate multiple different conditions.


Learn More Today

Every home and every situation has its own unique set of specifications. Learn about which walk-in tub will fit your home best at Independent Home. Talk to a customer service representative or get a free quote today by phone or live chat. Find out for yourself how you can remodel your bathroom with a new tub without hassle.

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