Walk-In Tubs With Aromatherapy: Effects on the Body and Mind

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Walk-In Tubs With Aromatherapy: The Effects of Aromatherapy on the Body and Mind

Walk-In Tubs With Aromatherapy: The Effects of Aromatherapy on the Body and Mind

Smell is the best way for the brain to recall a memory, and certain smells can bring on scenes of the most invigorating or relaxing times in life. This causes a positive reaction that affects the entire body as well as the mind. Aromatherapy uses this technique to bring on feelings that can assist in everything from healing physical issues to making the stresses of everyday life melt away. Learn how adding this feature to a walk-in tub can enhance the spa experience and benefit both the body and the mind.

Aromatherapy for the Mind

“I love that smell!” is something that one might hear while walking through a candle shop or bath products store. That one little sniff or spray into the air can create a positive feeling that lasts all day.

  • The candle that smells like cinnamon and spice evokes memories of walking down a wooded path with autumn leaves falling everywhere.
  • The body lotion that smells of cocoa butter and pure sunlight makes everyone around it think of a day at the beach.
  • These memories and pictures in the mind work to put anyone who smells them into a state of extreme relaxation, especially when combined with a hot bath.

Aromatherapy for the Body

Certain smells can act as focal points for the concentration of healing. Putting the mind in a completely relaxed state can first lower the blood pressure and help let the body release tense muscles. After overcoming these initial obstacles, it is much easier to concentrate the mind on healing the body.

Adding Spa Features to Walk-In Tubs

Walk-in tubs offer independence, comfort, and safety to individuals who no longer have the capacity to step over the wall of a standard tub or to sit all the way down on the floor to bathe. The user opens the door and settles onto the seat of the tub, fills up the bath, and then drains it before opening the door again to get out. Many models come equipped with fast-drain technology so that the user does not have to wait several minutes for the water to drain before opening the door, and grab bars can be installed for added safety. Handicap walk-in tubs are also available for those with severe limitations or those bound to wheelchairs.

When the customer adds spa features, this safer bathing experience also becomes a healing one. Aromatherapy, in conjunction with other spa features, can contribute to increased mobility, lower blood pressure, and the general ease of sore and aching muscles.

Start Enjoying the Benefits of Aromatherapy Now!

This feature is easy to add to a walk-in tub, and the professionals at Independent Home are standing by with friendly customer service representatives to build you the best walk in tub for your needs. You can make the switch without hassle, and when your walk in tub is finished, it can be installed in just one day! Find out now how you can start enjoying all of the benefits that spa treatments in a walk in tub have to offer.

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