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The Many Benefits of Walk-In Tubs for Seniors

Many senior citizens enjoy the retired life where they get to reap the benefits of all their years of hard work, but many of them are also dealing with chronic conditions incurred by those years. One of the most frustrating and often embarrassing issues that arise due to this wear and tear is the inability to bathe independently. Walk-in tubs for seniors lets such individuals enter and exit a tub without the danger of stepping over the wall like a standard tub, in addition to other beneficial features. Learn why this kind of tub is best for seniors and how you can have one installed in your home for a safer and more comfortable bathing experience every time. 

How They Work 

The walk-in tub may seem a little strange at first glance but it’s really very simple. There is a leak proof door in the wall of the tub that opens before the tub is filled. The individual using the tub walks through the door, closes it and seals it, then fills the tub while sitting in the molded seat. The faucets and controls are close by so the user does not have to lean uncomfortably to operate the tub. When the bath is over, the user drains the tub and then exits after the water is gone. The user never has to worry about water dripping out of the tub and causing a slippery floor when leaving the tub. 

Luxury and Comfort 

The safety and convenience of the walk-in tub are not the only benefits that make the switch worth making. Other features add comfort and luxury to the independent bathing experience for seniors as well as anyone else who uses the tub. 

The elevated seat gives the user the comfort of not having to lower themself to the floor of the tub in order to sit down to bathe. There is no struggle to get back up either, which is especially comfortable when exiting the tub. 

Cleaning the tub is a lot easier and more comfortable when the person cleaning can open the door and access the floor of the tub as well as the corners. There is no need to lean over the wall of the tub to get to every part while cleaning. 

Therapeutic features may be added to give the user the option for hydrotherapy massage in more than one way and chromotherapy. Not only are these features luxurious but they may also help to alleviate chronic conditions and aches and pains every time the user bathes. 

What Makes Handicap Walk-In Tubs and Showers So Accessible? 

No Lip Entry – While most shower stalls have a lip that is very difficult for a walker or wheelchair to maneuver over, handicap accessible showers have no lip.  This means you can glide right into the shower with little effort and less risk of injury. 

  • No Slip Floors – A normal shower can have slippery floors that become even more dangerous for individuals using walkers or wheelchairs.  Our accessible showers have a no slip coating to help you grip the floors as you maneuver in the shower. 
  • Shower Safety Seat – A shower safety seat gives you a comfortable place to sit if you don’t want your wheelchair or walker getting wet.  It is convenient to the shower wand and easy to get in and out of. 
  • Shower Wand – With a shower wand you can comfortably shower your whole body with comfort and ease while sitting or standing in the shower. 
  • Grab Bars – Grab bars are conveniently placed so that you can easily gain balance while sitting or standing in the shower. 
  • Accessible For Everyone – this is a great, versatile, option that everyone can enjoy comfortably.  It is safe and accessible for the whole family. 

The Independent Option for All Seniors 

The many features of walk-in tubs for seniors make them the perfect option for various limitations and preferences when attempting to gain more independence in bathing. Visit Independent Home to find out more about every way the walk in tub can benefit seniors and get a free quote or talk with a customer service representative today! 

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