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Walk in Bathtubs Offer Excellent Health Benefits to Seniors

While walk in tubs offer safety and accessibility to seniors, they have a lot more to offer. In fact, these tubs often come with water or air jets that can provide a variety of health benefits, helping to relieve the symptoms of muscle cramps, back problems, arthritis, diabetes and more. If you’re considering whether to purchase a walk in bathtub for your home, consider some of the great benefits that these walk in bathtubs have to offer. 

Safe Bathing 

One of the main benefits of these walk in tubs is their ability to allow seniors to bath safely. These tubs have a door that makes it easy for seniors to walk right into the tub instead of dealing with the dangerous ledge that comes with traditional bathtubs. These tubs include helpful seats, a skid-resistant floor, grab bars and other helpful features that allow seniors to enjoy safe bathing once again  

Easy Maintenance 

Another benefit of walk in bathtubs is the simple maintenance they require. These tubs simply wipe clean and they don’t require a lot of scrubbing like most bathtubs do. Seniors need tubs that require little maintenance and these walk in tubs make maintenance easier than ever. 

Comfort Features 

Many walk in bathtubs come with a variety of different features. One of the main features offered on most tubs is a built-in seat. This allows users to bathe while sitting in the tub. Most tubs come with safety rails as well, allowing individuals with balance or other mobility issues to hold on while entering, exiting and using the tub. Special non-skid flooring or non-skid strips are featured in these tubs, providing traction and reducing the risk of slips and falls while in the tub. 

Another common feature of many walk in tubs is a hand-held showerhead. This allows users to shower in the tub without needing to plug the drain. The water simply drains away. For those that take a bath in the walk in tub, the water must be drained before the door is opened again. 

All the features offered by walk in bath tubs help to keep seniors safe. They allow seniors to enjoy greater independence, making it easy to bathe on their own without the need of an assistant or nurse. Many people are also surprised to find that these tubs are quite compact. They don’t take up a lot of space, making it easy to fit them in bathrooms of nearly any size. 

Health Features 

Walk in tubs offer hydrostatic pressure, combining together weightlessness in the water with the massaging action of the jets. This helps to relieve tight muscles. As those muscles loosen, it helps to ease some of the pain throughout the body. Endorphins are released as muscles loosen, which also helps to provide some pain relief. 

Many walk in bath tubs have a hydro massage system and adjustable jets. Adjustable jets for the back work to alleviate back pain. Hydro massage systems work to increase flexibility by relaxing major muscles within the body. Tubs that have an air massage system provide the feeling of small massages all over the body. 

The warm temperature of these tubs also provides health benefits. Warm water helps to provide relaxation as well as a significant amount of pain relief. The movement of the water works to improve blood circulation and even eases inflammation. 

Walk in bathtubs are available in a variety of colors and styles to fit your needs. All will fit through a standard doorway and can be professionally installed in a single day. Get in touch with Independent Home for a free quote. 

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